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4-H Citizenship

Civic Engagement

Service Learning

Youth-Adult Partnerships

Youth in Governance

4-H youth development provides young people with many opportunities to develop the life skills that will help them become capable, responsible, and compassionate adults. One of these life skills is being a responsible citizen.

Responsible citizenship is an individual's demonstration of love and devotion in response to duties, rights and privileges as a member of a community or country. It includes

loyalty to one's place of residence (city, state, county);
the entitlements and privileges of citizenship, including voting, protection, participation in government;
obligations of citizenship; and,
appreciating and valuing diversity.

Several aspects of the Tennessee 4-H Youth Development program focus on specific areas of citizenship. These include civic engagement, service learning, youth-adult partnerships, and youth in governance.

Follow the links at the left to explore more about these topics and how you can become a more responsible citizen.

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