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4-H S.O.S. is the service learning program of 4-H Youth Development and UT Extension. The initiative began in October 2000 through a Learn and Serve grant under an agreement with the Tennessee Commission on National and Community Service.

Our goal is to help 4-H'ers across the Volunteer State to learn while they are serving their communities. In the first four years of the program, 236,176 4-H'ers partnered with 19,832 adults to conduct 5,627 service learning projects. They dedicated more than 714,804 hours to helping 867,126 citizens of their local, national and global communities!

So, what's all the fuss about? Why are so many 4-H'ers getting involved in their communities? Come in, surf around and see what 4-H S.O.S. is all about!

Find the definition of service learning, how to apply for a grant to fund your service projects, what's new in 4-H S.O.S., and where to go on the Web to find other great service learning information. You can also tell us about the projects you're already doing, discover a few ideas for service relating to your 4-H project, and see some great pictures from projects across Tennessee. We even have a special section that's just for 4-H'ers who were elected as Service Learning Chairmen in their clubs or project groups.



August 7 — KidsDay
September 11 — One Day's Pay
October 22 — Make a Difference Day
November 7-13 — World Kindness Week
November 19 — National Family Volunteer Day



Questions or suggestions? E-mail us!
Or contact the Tennessee state 4-H office at
2621 Morgan Circle
205 Morgan Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996-4510
(865) 974-2128
fax: (865) 974-1628



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