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Environmental Science/ Conservation Project

This project covers topics related to the great outdoors, such as fishing, hunting, wildlife, forestry, and how to save our natural world. How can you combine your interest in the environment with helping the community? Here are a few ideas!

  • help "stomp" a new trail in a park, historical area, etc.
  • sponsor a program to take kids on "a day in the woods"
  • help younger kids with a leaf collection and identification project
  • plant trees at a local school, park, community building, etc.
  • help neighbors create a compost pile
  • participate in the FACE project to create habitat for wildlife
  • educate people on the negative impact of development on wildlife habitats, and ways to work around them and create homes for people and wildlife
  • teach a hunter safety course
  • have a fishing contest to raise money for a local charity
  • raise goldfish with a day care or elementary class
  • organize a river clean-up day
  • take kids and/or elderly neighbors on a fishing trip to a nearby pond
  • put up wood duck boxes, blue bird boxes, etc.
  • build and place bird boxes or feeders at a nursing home
  • organize a recycling program
  • collect and recycle old phone books
  • host a park clean-up day
  • promote water conservation
  • put up posters of ways to conserve electricity
  • teach a workshop on making crafts from used items (such as a Coke can lamp)
  • help senior citizens make Christmas ornaments from used items (such as bottles or light bulbs)
  • assist with exotic plant control at a nature education center
  • put up recycling bins at the county fair and give the money earned to a local charity
  • help clean up after a flood, tornado, or other disaster
  • teach others (through posters, workshops, etc.) about pollution

What other ideas can you come up with?

We have a duty in our country to make sure
our land is preserved, our air is clean,
our water is pure, our parks are accessible
and open and well-preserved.

~ President George W. Bush


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