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Food Science Project

Food science covers things such as meat science and dairy foods and how your food goes from the farm to the table. Here are a few ways to combine your interest in this area with service.

  • sponsor an ice cream tasting in a low-income neighborhood
  • have a homemade ice cream making contest at a community event
  • have an educational booth at the county fair
  • be the June Dairy Month Chairperson or help the Chairperson with planned activities
  • assist with a Taste and Tell Luncheon, where all the foods contain dairy
  • sponsor a Merry Dairy Dish Contest, a competition where 4-H'ers make dairy dishes and pass out samples to shoppers in the grocery store
  • host an ice cream party at the nursing home
  • donate milk or dairy products to food bank
  • hatch chicks for a school classroom
  • decorate Easter eggs with preschoolers or at a nursing home
  • lead a farm tour
  • provide eggs for a community Easter egg hunt

How can you help your community learn about dairy, dairy foods, and dairy goats?


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