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There are 19 4-H projects, with 26 areas of focus. You can learn about everything from swine and personal development to safety and entomology. Project groups are made up of 4-H'ers who are enrolled in the same project and work together on their project material. These groups are perfect for doing service learning. You can help the community while you practice what you're learning through your manuals.

Many times, even if it's done with a different type of 4-H group, service learning activities fit in with a 4-H'er's project work.

4-H S.O.S. is building a database of service learning activities that apply to the 19 4-H projects. To submit your experiences, go to the "Tell us!" page and click on "Your report," or click here. To tell us about an idea you have--but haven't yet carried out--for a service learning project that fits into your 4-H project work, e-mail us!

You can also find service reports that do not relate specifically to a 4-H project area.

Follow the links below to see ideas and success stories for each project area.

Animal Science (Beef, Dairy, Goat, Horse, Poultry, Sheep, Swine)
Communication/Public Speaking
Companion Animal (dog, cat, rabbit)
Computers & Technology
Consumer Education/Economics
Engineering/Safety Science
Environmental Science/Conservation (Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries)
Food Science
Leadership/Personal Development
Line & Design
Performing Arts/Recreation
Plant Science
Veterinary Science


Click to see ideas for 4-H EXPLORERS (4th grade).

Arkansas state 4-H staff member Darlene Baker (left) and state public speaking finalists Yamini Rao and Amanda Mainord (both of Putnam County) place labels in the books donated at 2001 4-H Congress. The labels read: "This book provided by delegates attending 2001 Tennessee 4-H Congress, Nashville, Tennessee."


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