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2004-05 4-H Service Reports
What Are Other Tennessee 4-H'ers Doing To Help Their Communities?

Listed below are the service projects that 4-H groups have reported through the interactive form on the 4-H S.O.S. Web site or by mailing or faxing their report to the state 4-H office. Scroll through and see if you can find an idea for your 4-H group!

Also, remember to check out the "Project Ideas" section of the Web site to find service ideas that relate to the 25 4-H project areas, from beef to veterinary science!

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Follow these links to find projects from specific Tennessee counties:

UTK Collegiate 4-H

Blount County

Little River, Big Future

Foothills 4-H supported "Little River, Big Future" and presented a display board at Heritage High School. They reflected by discussing the impact of the project. They learned how important it is to support good organizations and inform the public about 4-H.

Food Drive and Recycling

The Homespun Kids 4-H Club conducted two projects in November. Their first project was a food drive to help people in their community. They were very excited about helping others. They learned about sharing and giving.

In their other project, the 4-H'ers learned about recycling and trash pick-up. They picked up trash around a church and had someone from Keep Blount Beautiful talk to the group about recycling. Also, the City of Maryville brought recycling bins. They reflected by making posters and pictures of trash, distributing them, and asking people to bring in their recyclable items. The group had lots of fun and plans to do more clean-ups in the future.

Coffee County

Science Fair Exhibit
Coffee County Homeschool 4-H ClubThe Coffee County Homeschool Seniors planned, designed, and built a booth for the county's 4-H Science Fair. They designed the booth so that, ini future years, it can be reassembled with minimal effort. The club members improved their teamwork skills and work ethic. They learned "how working together for the good and welfare of others is not only rewarding, but also a good way to fellowship and grow closer as a club and as friends."

Operation Christmas Child & Easter Shoe Boxes

The Coffee County Honor Club participated in Operation Christmas Child in order to give kids around the world a Christmas they would always remember. As a part of the project, they wrapped and filled empty shoe boxes to be sent to a needy child. They reflected through a group discussion about the type of impacy they would have on the kids. They learned to show compassion and help others.

This club also filled shoe boxes with goodies such as toys, clothes, educational items and candy for victims of the tsunami. They reflected with a group discussion. They learned "what compassion is and how to be compassionate for others." They reported, "We will never see them face to face. We do not know exactly who will receive the boxes. We can only imagine they will be thrilled with the gift."

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Hardeman County

Toys for Carl Perkins Center
Mrs. Christy Smith's 4-H Club donated toys and stuffed animals to the youth served by the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center in Bolivar. They reflected by talking about how they felt and how the recipients felt. They learned to give to others unselfishly.

Easter Baskets for Nursing Home
Mrs. Tammy Cash's 4-H Club made posters and put together Easter baskets for residents of a local nursing home. They discussed the feeling of seeing the residents' smiles and hearing their comments. They learned that they need to be involved in their communities and its needs.

Writing Letters to Soldiers
At Bolivar Elementary, Mrs. Kessler's 4th grade 4-H club has written letters to soldiers throughout the year. The father of one of the club members is deployed in Itaq. The class wrote to him at Christmas and Valentine's. They reflected with the question "How did Major Ross feel when he received the cards?" They learned the importance of the men and women fighting for our country, and they are considering possibly serving in the armed forces some day.

Canned Food Drive
Mrs. Prewitt's 4th grade 4-H club at Grand Junction Elementary participated in a canned food drive for needy families. Each student was asked to bring in 5 cans of food. One member reported, "We felt really good about this project, because it was close to Christmas. During this time of year, many people don't have food. We feel that we have helped several families to have a fulfilling Christmas."

Goody Bags for Care Center
The 4-H'ers and parents of the Middleton Homeschool 4-H Club made Christmas goody bags and delivered them to the Middleton Care Center. The group also sang some Christmas carols for the residents. They learned how to give back to those who may not have family nearby to share Christmas. They plan to do service projects throughout the year.

Christmas Cards for Nursing Home

Mrs. Gibson's 5th grade 4-H club at Toone Elementary made Chrismas cards for residents of a local nursing home. They reflected by discussing how the residents might feel. They learned to give back to others, and they plan to continue to help out in their community.

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Hickman County

Trick-or-treat at Day Care
Hickman County Honor ClubThe Hickman County 4-H Honor Club members dressed in non-scary Halloween costumes and went trick-or-treating at a local day care. The 4-H'ers played musical chairs with the students and gave them candy along with game prizes. They learned about the types of candy to give to small children, how to interact with pre-schoolers, and actually how to play musical chairs.

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Lewis County

Landscape Project

4-H'ers ini the Service Learning Club (Alternative School) teamed with the Lewis County Garden Club to renovate the landscape gardens at the city's downtown gazebo and park. The 4-H'ers assisted garden club members by pulling weeds, removing invasive plants, adding mulch to the beds, sweeping walkways, and picking up litter. The club has adopted this area as an ongoing project.

The club reflected through a group discussion. They discussed the importance of their project, how it made the garden club members feel, how it made the youth participants feel, ways it benefitted the community, and ideas for future projects. They drew a figure of a person and listed ideas of using head, heart, hands, and health to benefit the community and its individuals.

The 4-H'ers learned about responsibility, caring, the food feeling from a job well done, teamwork, that they are important, self-worth, and gardening basics.

All the members stated that they want to continue in service learning beyond this alternative school project. They discussed other areas that their skills could be used and how to apply themselves to make it happen.

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Lincoln County

Red Cross Duckie Race, "Warm Dogs," & Family Projects

The Lincoln County Homeschool 4-H Club helped the local Red Cross chapter with their fall fundraiser, a Duckie Race at Big Spring Park. They promoted and event so that more duckies were adopted. They succeeded in getting 126 duckies adopted. Although the members admitted that selling is not their favorite thing to do, they had fun and felt that it was a worthwhile activity. In the future, the group will be open to helping other community agencies with various projects.

For a project called "Warm Dogs," the members brought in towels, blankets and other items needed by the local Humane Society. Items were collected and delivered by the co-service learning leader. They learned that "there is often a greater need than we imagine for many of our non-profit organizations. We also learned that often times these needs are more than just monetary needs and are things that we can easily help with.

Each 4-H family was challenged to donate 10 hours of service as a family to whatever cause/charity/project they wished to. One family chose to make weekly visits to a local nursing home. They learned social skills and about meeting the needs of others. Another family chose to volunteer at the local animal shelter for several hours each week. They learned about how many neglected and unwanted animals are in their community, about the importance of spaying and neutering, and basic animal care. Both families enjoyed their service contributions and are planning to continue with their family projects. They reported that "volunteering as a family strengthened family bonds, as well as made us feel good about ourselves, our family and our communities."

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Madison County

CARE Book Drive
The Homeschool 4-H Club collected books to donate to the CARE book sale. The reflected with a group discussion of who would be helped by the project. They learned that there are other ways to help people besides donating money.

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Robertson County

Animal Shelter Donation

The King 5th grade 4-H club dnoated food and toys to the animal shelter. They enjoyed bringing in things for the animals. They learned to help animals and plan to continue helping others in the future.

Flowers for Nursing Homes

Ms. Hogan's 5th grade club at Cheatham Park Elementary raised money to send flowers to nursing home residents. They felt good knowing they cheered someone up. They learned that one small thing can brighten up someone's day. The project inspired some members to visit nursing homes and cheer up the residents.

Coat Drive

At Coopertown Elementary, the Hardenburgh 5th grade 4-H club collected coats to help two families. They learned about taking care of other people. They reported that they "wanted to do more."

Vanderbilt Children's Hospital & Hearts in Bloom

Mrs. Keel's class at East Robertson Elementary collected items for the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. The members were excited about this fun project and couldn't wait to start donating things to the children at the hospital. They learned that "donating things to other people is fun." They plan on donating things to people in the future. The club reported, "We had fun making other people really happy. We are sure all of the people who got the gifts are happy. We all hope they are. We wish we could send a lot more gifts than we did. We just want them to know we care. We also want to make them happy. We would like to see the smiles on the children's faces when we gave them the gifts. We wish we could do more projects like this."

This club also took part in "Hearts in Bloom." They collected money for the project. Some even gave up their daily snack money. They learned to be nicer and more caring to other people.

In January the club held a bake sale to raise money for the tsunami relief fund. They raised $600! Both the students and the adults enjoyed the treats that were baked for them. They learned that any amount of money, no matter how much it is, can help. They learned that "it doesn't take a lot to make a difference."

Angel Tree, Tsunami Relief and Heart Association

The Stroud 4-H Club at East Robertson Elementary conducted three service projects this year. They took part in the Angel Tree by saving money for children who wouldn't have much at Christmas. They helped with tsunami relief the week after the disaster happened. They also learned how to make someone's day by helping the American Heart Association.

Warm Coats for Warm Hearts

Ms. Dean's 4th grade 4-H club at East Robertson Elementary brought in coats for the "Warm Coats for Warm Hearts" project. Their teacher reported, "The participants did a really good job. . . . They really enjoyed it." They learned not to be selfish and to care for others. They plan to continue thinking about and helping others.

Letters to Veterans Hospital

The Smiley 4th grade 4-H club at Greenbrier Elementary wrote Valentine cards to the Veterans Hospital in Nashville. They learned to help others and be nice.

Letters to Soldier

Ms. Nicks' 5th grade 4-H club at Greenbrier Elementary wrote letters to soldiers and also bought goodies to send them. The learned that it is nice to send things to soldiers, and the project made them feel happy and special.

Letters to Soldiers, Toys for Tots, & Cameras for Military Kids

Mrs. Tharpe's 4th grade 4-H club at Greenbrier Elementary wrote letters to soldiers at Christmas. They wanted to let the soldiers know that "we appreciate them and we're thinking of them at Christmas time." They reflected on how the soldiers would feel when they got the letters.

This club also participated in Toys for Tots. They brought in toys that they had purchased with their parents. They learned that "helping others is always a good trait."

The club participated in the kick-off of Operation: Military Kids (a statewide program) by collecting disposable cameras for children whose parents are currently deployed overseas with the Tennessee National Guard. They reflected by discussing what the project represents. They learned that there are others in need and that 4-H'ers can help.


Mr. Overcast's 5th grade 4-H club at Greenbrier Elementary conducted a project to recycle paper. They learned not to waste trees and the put paper in the recycling can.

Toys for Tots

At Greenbrier Elementary, the Stevenson 5th grade 4-H club brought in toys for Toys for Tots. They reflected by discussing the benefits of giving to others. They learned that "helping children in need leaves them with a great feeling of pride." They will remember the feeling and continue to help others throughout life.

Shoe Boxes to Florida

The Tolleson 5th grade 4-H club at Jo Byrns School put school supplies, toys and other materials in shoe boxes for Florida hurrican victims. They learned to help people. They plan to look for other needs in the community.

Spring Cards, Birthday Cards and Tsunami Relief

Mrs. Kelton's 4-H club at Robert Woodall Elementary made spring cards for a local nursing home. They all enjoyed the project because they wanted the cards to brighten the residents' day. They learned how important it is to think of other people.

The club made birthday cards for a young cancer patient. His aunt is a teacher at their school, and she told the club how special he felt when he received their cards.

In February the club helped raise money for the tsunami victims by helping out at their local school dance. They helped and watched younger children at the dance, and they used their own money for donationa. They reported, "This project was work, but it was fun." They all enjoyed doing something for others.

Teddy Bear Box

At Robert Woodall Elementary, the Fentress 5th grade 4-H club collected teddy bears. They gave the bears to the White House Fire Department to be shared with children who are in the hospital or who have lost their homes. They wanted to "help kids have stuff to play with." They learned to "give and not keep" and they use what they learned to teach their kids to help out.

Valentines to Troops

At Westside School, Ms. Mason's 5th grade 4-H club sent Valentines to troops overseas. They reflected by discussing what it is like to be away from friends and relatives. They learned to be thankful for what the men and women in the military have done.

Cards, Roses, & Supplies

The Sanders 5th grade 4-H club at Westside School sent Christmas cards to Argentina. They also sent roses to a neighbor through the Hearts in Bloom program and supplies to soldiers. They learned to be caring and to touch people's hearts.

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Sevier County

Collection for Tsunami Relief
The Deaton 4-H Club raised money for tsunami relief. They reflected through drawing. They learned to help others when they need it.

Tuna Drive
The Jolley 4-H Club collected money and cans of tuna for the Sevier County Food Ministries. They reflected on their project by discussing the value of helping others and how helping a little can go a long way for someone who has nothing. They learned that everyone in the community can do small things to help others and that nothing they do is without value. They plan to continue working in the community and will encourage friends and family to help others by either donating time or money to people in need.

Letters to Soldiers
The Caton's Chapel 6th Grade 4-H Club sent pictures and handmade Christmas cards to a Sevier County man and his roommates in Iraq. The soldiers enjoyed them very much, and the project was featured in one of the East Tennesseel newspapers. They had fun making the cards, and they enjoyed making Christmas a little better for a few soldiers. They realized "how fortunate we were to spend Christmas with our families at home. We will appreciate what we have instead of complaining about what we don't have."

The Jones Cove 4th Grade 4-H Club adopted a local soldier in the 278th National Guard from Pigeon Forge. They collected items for a care package, including snacks, candy, personal care items and other things. They reflected through a discussion of what it is like to be away from family and friends. They wrote, "It must be hard being over there. It would be nice to get that package. They need us to remember them and say thank you."

Forgotten Child Fund & Tsunami Relief Fund

Mrs. Vigluicci's club at Caton's Chapel raised money for the Forgotten Child Fund by selling cookie dough. They reflected through a group discussion. They learned to help others and will continue to help people in the future.

The club also raised money for tsunami relief. They reflected with a group discussion. They learned that the tsunami was a disaster that affected everyone.

Letters and Easter Gift for Soldier
The Daugherty 4-H Club at Pi Beta Phi sent letters and an Easter gift to a soldier in Iraq. They had also sent him a gift box at Christmas. They learned that a little gift is all it takes to make someone happy. The also practiced something they were studying at school - how to write a friendly letter.

Backpack for Soldier, Tuna Drive

At Pi Beta Phi, the Ownby 4-H club brought in items to send to a soldier serving in Iraq. They reflected by thinking about how much soldiers do for us. They learned to stop and think of our soldiers more often. They felct "good for helping someone who hasn't seen America in months."

In October the club brought in cans of tuna and money for the Sevier County Food Ministries. They were proud to help. They reported learned concern for others and they plan to help others who are hungry.

Tuna Drive & Bags for Soldiers

Miss O'Brien's homeroom at Pigeon Forge Middle wanted to help in the 4-H Hooked on Helping Hunger tuna drive. They collected 50 cans of tuna and $49 to donate to the Sevier County Food Ministries. They reflected with a group discussion. They learend how to help others in need during the upcoming holiday season and will continue helping others in the years to come.

The club also collected items to send to our troops in Iraq. They filled a bag for a service member in the 278th. They also put together a box for a classmate's cousin stationed in Iraq. They learned that "our servicemen and women are fighting for our freedom. They also learned that it is good to share special items with those who cannot receive them especially during the holidays."

Monthly Projects

Mr. Reagan's 4-H club at Pigeon Forge Middle School sent food to the food ministry in December. They learned "not just to care for yourself, but you also need to care for others as well as yourself." They felt good about what they did. One club member wrote, "I hope that whoever the food what we sent goes to that it will really help them. I also hope that all of the students that were involved in the community service project have a good feeling in their hearts knowing they they might have helped someone that hadn't eaten all day!"

They sent gifts to veterans at Christmas. They "helped veterans by sending in food for a feast for Christmas." They wrote a letter for reflection. They learned that you should help people and they plan to help people in the future.

In February they sent Valentines to the people in a local nursing hime. They reported, "We all felt very good about making the elderly happy!!! I think that everyone learned that even a card can make the biggest difference!!!"

The club sent diapers, formula and crib sheets to needy babies. They are learning to care for others through projects like this one.

In March the club gave candy to a soldier, their teacher's son. It is a welcome home gift for when he returns to Sevier County. For reflection, they "talked about how much a little gesture can do for a person." They learned that something small can do something big.

278th Thank You Bags
The Sevier County Homeschool 4-H Club brought 35 items to put in bags for two members of the 278th. They all signed the bags and wrote notes to the soldiers.

Tuna Drive
At Sevierville Intermediate, the Rawlings 4-H club participated in the countywide tuna drive for Sevier County Food Ministries. Everyone donated at least one can of tuna and they all felt like they helped people in need.

Tuna Drive
At Sevierville Intermediate, the Patterson 4-H club collected money and/or cans of tuna to benefit people in their community. The food was distributed through the Sevier County Food Ministries. They reflected through a discussion of the ways helping others makes them feel. They also challenged everyone to bring at least one can. They realized that even a small contribution can help someone.

Tuna Drive & Letters to a Soldier

The Zamora 4-H Club at Sevierville Intermediate collected tuna and money for needy residents of Sevier County. They reflected through a group discussion on the benefits ot helping those in need. They learned to help others and they plan to continue helping those in need through community service.

This club also wrote letters to a soldier stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia and later in Germany. They learned how to "cheer up a lonely soldier" and they want to continue sending him letters.

In December they sent their "adopted" soldier a goody bag. For reflection, they talked about their project and also included fun, cheery letters to him.

Adopt-a-soldier & Ronald McDonald House

The Bass 4-H Club at Seymour Intermediate adopted a soldier from the 278th serving in Iraq. They collected personal items to send to the soldier for Christmas. They reflected with a group discussion. They learned that it is important to help others in need. "Our soldiers are over there protecting our freedom and we need to show them that we appreciate them."

The club also made goody bags for the Ronald McDonald House. The bags included shampoo, soap, mouthwash, gum, deoderant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, breath mints and tissues. They learned "to help others who are in need during difficult rimes in their lives."

Gift Bag for a Soldier
Mrs. Foulk's 4-H Club at Seymour Intermediate made a bag full of things for a soldier. They were happy to do something for someone. They learned to care about others in the world and will use this to help others in the future.

Money for Cancer Patient
Jan Kent's 4-H Club at Seymour Intermediate raised money for the wife of a teacher who has been diagnosed with cancer. They enjoyed helping this family.

Service, Service and MORE Service!

Ms. Franklin's 5th grade 4-H club at Seymour Intermediate collected 87 cans of tuna and $18 (which is equal to 36 additional cans) to feed hungry people through the Volunteer Ministry's Food Pantry. Everyone talked about making a huge goal of 80 cans of tuna. When they reached that goal, they decided to go for 100. They surpassed this goal, as well. They learned that they could help people who need food. They also learned how to organize a drive and deliver items for food drives.

Franklin 4-H Club
Franklin 4-H Club
Franklin 4-H Club
Franklin 4-H Club

Franklin 4-H ClubThis 4-H club also adopted two servicemen serving in Iraq. They collected snacks and personal items and mailed to their servicement along with letters and pictures of the 4-H'ers holding "THANK YOU!" signs. This project was eye-opening for the youth. They learned how servicemen and women sacrifice for their country. It also made them realize that we are very blessed to live in the United States of America.

In November, the club collected items to send to a soldier serving with the 278th in Iraq. They learned how important it is to say thank you and that servicemen "deserve our respect and honor."

In December the club collected toys for the Toys for Tots program. The project helped many to realize that several children go without toys, etc. during the holiday season. They reported, "It also makes you feel good to do something for someone else."

In February the club took up money to donate for tsunami relief. The money was collected during a schoolwide fundraiser for the Red Cross. Students were encouraged to give up their snack money for this project. The project helped the young people know that they "could do something to help people far away during a low point in their lives." They learned that they could make a difference by giving even a small amount of money, because small amounts add up quickly.

In March they took part in a Leprechaun Walk to raise money for the school computer lab. They asked individuals for sponsorship. Parents counted the laps the students walked. Then the students collected and turned in the money. They collected $49! They learned about conducting a walk-a-thon and asking for donations. They also learned "that when everyone does their part that it makes it better for all."

In March and April they collected 56 items to send with a member's parents on a medical mission trip to Haiti. They realized how many people do not have basic necessities like shampoo, toothpaste or a toothbrush. They reported, "Sometimes we take items like these for granted that we will have an unlimited supply." They learned always to try to help people and to be thankful. The project made them more conscious of those in need and how they can help them.

Tsunami Collection
Sally Ownby's 4-H Club at Seymour Middle collected money for tsunami relief. They learned about the effects of the tsunami and felt good that they could help.

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UTK Collegiate 4-H

Fall Festival

The Collegiate 4-H Club at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville provided gourds for children attending the annual Fall Festival to decorate. They reflected through a scrapbook. They learned how a small effort of a group can make a big impact in the lives of others.

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To see your service project listed here, fill out the form on the "Tell us!" page of the website. Send pictures too if you have them!

Remember: If you report through the web, your 4-H group will get a 4-H S.O.S. flag to display in your classroom or wherever you have your 4-H meetings!

You can also send a paper copy of the Service Learning Activity Report Form to the state 4-H office.

2621 Morgan Circle, 205 Morgan Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996-4510

Download a copy of the Activity Report Form on the forms page of the 4-H website or by clicking here.

If you have an idea for a service project but haven't done it yet, e-mail it to jcrowe3@utk.edu. Maybe your idea will inspire and encourage other 4-H'ers!

A Crockett County
4-H'er proudly displays the "Hands and Feet Turkey" she made for a local nursing home.


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