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4-H emblem

4-H Poster Art Contest
General Information

4-H emblem

Judging Procedures:

Each county office may submit three (3) entries in the state contest. Posters are due in the state 4-H office by March 3, 2014.
a. Posters may be made by any 4-H'er or by a club or by a team of club members
b. Posters may be horizontal only.
c. Posters must be 14 X 22 inches.
d. Name, address, county and age of the 4-H member(s) should be clearly written on the back of each poster.
e. 4-H is to be the topic for the poster.
f. Well known cartoon figures such as Peanuts, Sponge Bob, Charlie Brown, etc. cannot be used because they are copyrighted.
g. Three dimensional objects or materials which extend 1/8 inch or more above the surface of the poster may not be used.
h. If the 4-H Emblem is used on the poster, do not place text or other images over or on top of it. The 4-H Emblem should not appear screened under words or graphics. No photo, drawing, symbol, word or other figure or object maybe be placed on or obscure the 4-H Emblem. For more information on the proper use of the 4-H Name and Emblem, go to www.csrees.usda.gov/nea/family/res/youthdev_res_emblem.html.

Score Card:


State: Rosette and $25 cash award to the top 10 entries


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